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Wong table

Round console table made out of a single trunk of Laurel. Firmly mounted on a concrete base and topped with 10mm glass. H: 77cm (30.8 inch) D: 110cm (44 inch)

Dining table

The dining tables come in lengths between 100 cm. (40 inch .) and 300 cm.(120 inch.) They vary in width, but are standard 77 cm high (30.8 inch). Unless ordered differently.


The stools are 46 cm high(18.4inch) and 29 by 29 cm wide(10.4inch). Verry handy as a seat or stand or laptop table.

coffee tables

The coffee tables come in many different sizes. Hights vary between 35 cm (14inch) and 46 cm(18.4inch). Some are made out of rare hardwoods, cut from recycled posts and other waste wood. Most are fsc certified teak.

beer table

This coffee table is ment to keep cold drinks cold and steady. It’s made of plantation Melina and Cenizaro with a 10mm glass top.